Money! and Dates

Emergency Contact

Emergency Contact:

Mandy Hollingshead



Hotel Info

In Bath: 03,04,05 May

Holiday Inn Express Bath

Lower Bristol Road

Brougham Hayes, Bath, Uk

Tel: +44 1225 303 000

In London: 06,07,08 May

Mentone Hotel

54-56 Cartwright Gardens

London WC1H 9EL, United Kingdom

Tel: +44 207 388 4671

Paperwork and Visas

Paperwork and Visas

Please see what you are missing and hand it in to Mr Symes! ALL QATARIS MUST HAVE AN EXIT VISA

Some people will need the letter at the bottom of the page to get their visa.

Visa Letter


Medical + Health

Do you need the medical Waiver?

Have you given Ms Mandy a copy of your Insurance card?

Airport and Flights

Please be at the Departure Terminal by 330am on Friday May 3rd 2012.

Parents please pick up your child from the Arrivals Terminal by 1150pm on Thursday May 9 2012.

Flight info:

DOH-LHR is on QR 007 on May 3rd

LHR-DOH is on QR 012 on May 9th

Rooming and Groups


Please fill in the request form! You will need to use your QA gmail account to access this.


See the Itineraries that are linked below


The weather in the UK for next week is scheduled to be cool:

Between 8 and 14C, with a mixture of Sun, rain and clouds. I STRONGLY suggest waterproof coats, and long sleeve shirts and sweaters or hoodies.

Students should bring approximately £100 for souvenirs, please do NOT send more than £200. Any money is the responsibility of the student. Staff members will not be collecting money.

Use the below list to pack your suitcase!